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We set up our first call to go over strategy, important dates, etc.
We will also be sending you content document to help you create video for us to utilize (if applicable).

You will provide necessary photos/videos such as book cover, branded headshot, logo, and any other assets we will use for content creation. This will also include videos for us to repurpose or products we need to create videos.

After the contract is signed and the first month invoice is paid - we get right to work. You'll get on-boarding documents, and a questionnaire we will use as we begin creating the strategy that's right for you.

Onboarding (Currently 4 week process)

How it Works


As a content creator and social media strategist, Beth has 7 years of experience working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, published authors, and faith-based businesses to transform their brands through social media strategy and storytelling.

I am passionate about telling your Right Message to a world that needs what you have to offer! I believe social media is a space in need of what you have to offer. I am passionate about stopping the scroll and meeting people where they are. Learn more about my other passions (aka Christ, my husband, Dunkin' coffee order, and life as an Endo Warrior).

I’m Beth. Writer and Faith-Based Business Owner turned Social Media Strategist.

Can you add up referrals? Um, heck yes!
So if two referrals sign up you get 30% off your current package.

Earn 15% off your monthly package when your referral signs their contract. This offer lasts good thru referral contract commitment.

Referral program

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot offer a guarantee that your results will be the same as another client because your business is different than theirs. There are many facts that can play a role in results and our goal is always, optimizing results that serve you best. Think of it like a runway, we're focused on your airplane and getting your results but there is a runway to lift off. Let's focus on what's right for you, to get the results you need.

Absolutely! If you don't even have handles yet, we will help you get these locked-in based on your branding and the rest is the same: establishing a strategy that is right for you!

If you have a place for us to send traffic to - then we can get started even if you've never had a social media presence.

This service is a good fit for service-based businesses, e-commerce businesses. We have worked mostly with authors, faith-based businesses, coaches, non-profits, and personal brands. 

If you have a place for us to send traffic to - then we can get started even if you've never had a social media presence.

The reason we have 3-month commitment minimums is because the first month we are creating content and a strategy and then months 2 & 3 we are optimizing for better and BETTER results. The longer time or runway we have the higher we can soar. The short answer? We want what's best for your brand so we see on average 3 months with optimal 6 months.

Let's hop on a Discovery call so we can learn about your business! Our current onboarding takes about 4-weeks so this means we can begin posting content a month on average from our call (depending on how quickly you sign the contract and pay your first invoice as the starting line).  See the "How It Works" section above for more details.