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We are here to provide the services you need so you can focus on your mission. If you do not see what you are looking for below, contact us here and we can cater a specific package to fit your needs.

What makes this package "all in"? It includes out monthly management, repurpose packages along with meta ads.

and you're burntout and you're
not seeing results?

You're doing #allthethings

Keep reading! 

if you're wondering how?

gain future leads with every view and finally gain a social media strategy that works for your brand

traffic to your website for more shop clicks and purchases

your opt-in that leads to growing your email list

WHAT IF social media could point your current followers and future followers to:

You get that social media can be a powerful tool but you don't have the time, expertise or bandwidth to keep trying at it.

You know your book, your service, or business are ready to be marketed and you have a website or funnel where social media traffic can be led to.

it doesn't have to be that way


See what's included

are you ready hire an expert?

If you are tired of trying to keep up with the latest algorithm updates, we're here to provide expertise on your social media so you can focus on what you do best. 

If you have a funnel in place but you're missing the traffic and attraction you need - social media is an amazing space to hop into to add a new revenue stream!

If you're ready to let an expert in and STOP just posting and hoping, then it's time...
Choose from our packages or contact us for a catered package.

I need this!

We set up our first call to go over strategy, important dates, etc.
We will also be sending you content document to help you create video for us to utilize (if applicable).

You will provide necessary photos/videos such as book cover, branded headshot, logo, and any other assets we will use for content creation. This will also include videos for us to repurpose or products we need to create videos.

After the contract is signed and the first month invoice is paid - we get right to work. You'll get on-boarding documents, and a questionnaire we will use as we begin creating the strategy that's right for you.

Onboarding (Currently 4 week process)

How it Works

Editing/posting 2 reels weekly (video content must be provided). For more videos, see our All-In package.

Writing captions and keyword research (specific to each SEO platform such as Pinterest, YouTube, etc.)

1 meeting monthly plus monthly analytic report and strategy, weekday communciation over Slack or email

Scheduling content up to 4 posts/weekly with best timing practices

Creating content for up to 4 posts/weekly for 3 platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or YouTube shorts)

 everything in our monthly management package


This Package Includes

1 hour engagement weekly (can add on more time if desired)

Maintain up to 3 links for Instagram bio link  (updating as needed)

Set up a
discovery call

Two ads with a/b testing (including testing audience, creative, and copywriting) to find THE BEST ads for you.

Monitoring ad comments ($600 value) INCLUDED

Meta ad account set-up and optimization fee ($500 value) INCLUDED

3 short videos posted/week instead of 2 with our management package and get this cross-posted to all social media platforms


As a content creator and social media strategist, Beth has 7 years of experience working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, published authors, and faith-based businesses to transform their brands through social media strategy and storytelling.

I am passionate about telling your Right Message to a world that needs what you have to offer! I believe social media is a space in need of what you have to offer. I am passionate about stopping the scroll and meeting people where they are. Learn more about my other passions (aka Christ, my husband, Dunkin' coffee order, and life as an Endo Warrior).

I’m Beth. Writer and Faith-Based Business Owner turned Social Media Strategist.

Can you add up referrals? Um, heck yes!
So if two referrals sign up you get 30% off your current package.

Earn 15% off your monthly package when your referral signs their contract. This offer lasts good thru referral contract commitment.

Referral program

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3 month commitment



This package includes our top packages together to save you 25%
Monthly SM Management
Repurpose Package
& Meta Ads

6 month commitment




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Why multiple month commitment?
In order to serve you best, it takes time to get to know your brand, pivot from your current strategy (or establish one), and optimize to get the results you are looking for like more website clicks, etc.

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Shorter commitment

per month

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This package includes our top packages together to save you 25%
Monthly SM Management
Repurpose Package
& Meta Ads

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 “doubled our clients in less than 4 months of working with Beth” 


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Are you ready to take your social media to a whole new level?

As a result of working with us, he was able to expand his leads and through these leads, he doubled his client roster. 

The results

Establishing a brand in a well saturated field, establishing credibility, and gaining awareness and leads for coaching program launch.

The challenge

This client works in the wedding industry and serves wedding industry professionals as a business coach. The example to the left is the impact of one week of content and optimizing strategy.

About Client

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot offer a guarantee that your results will be the same as another client because your business is different than theirs. There are many facts that can play a role in results and our goal is always, optimizing results that serve you best. Think of it like a runway, we're focused on your airplane and getting your results but there is a runway to lift off. Let's focus on what's right for you, to get the results you need.

Absolutely! If you don't even have handles yet, we will help you get these locked-in based on your branding and the rest is the same: establishing a strategy that is right for you!

If you have a place for us to send traffic to - then we can get started even if you've never had a social media presence.

This service is a good fit for service-based businesses, e-commerce businesses. We have worked mostly with authors, faith-based businesses, coaches, non-profits, and personal brands. 

If you have a place for us to send traffic to - then we can get started even if you've never had a social media presence.

The reason we have 3-month commitment minimums is because the first month we are creating content and a strategy and then months 2 & 3 we are optimizing for better and BETTER results. The longer time or runway we have the higher we can soar. The short answer? We want what's best for your brand so we see on average 3 months with optimal 6 months.

Let's hop on a Discovery call so we can learn about your business! Our current onboarding takes about 4-weeks so this means we can begin posting content a month on average from our call (depending on how quickly you sign the contract and pay your first invoice as the starting line).  See the "How It Works" section above for more details.